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Business Anniversary Gift Ideas: How To Celebrate Your Corporate Anniversary

Celebrating your business’ anniversary with a release of branded merchandise or corporate gift boxes is a great way of commemorating your successes.

  • You should take time to consider the best way of conceiving, packaging, and delivering these gifts, in order for your efforts to have the best impact on the recipient.
  • According to the House of Commons Library Business Statistics, the birth and death rate of businesses in the UK has stayed surprisingly consistent in the 21st Century.
  • Each year approximately 300,000-400,000 businesses are ‘born’ each year, with approximately 250,000-300,000 businesses ‘dying’.
  • Despite the overall trend leading to more enterprises in business each year, this number of business deaths is clear evidence of the challenge presented to all business owners.

Celebrating your business’ anniversary is a good way of publicising how your business has defied expectations and continues to contribute to the industry that you’re working in.

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What are business anniversary gifts?

  • Business anniversary gifts can include a wide range of branded merchandise that can be related to your enterprise, or completely unrelated if you wish.
  • Whilst the purpose of sending out the gifts may be to celebrate your company’s tenure in the industry, they can also serve an ulterior motive.
  • For example, you may wish to raise awareness of a new product line or re-introducing yourself to a lapsed customer base.
  • Whilst many companies allocate resources to welcome gifts for new employees, thank you gifts for new employees or work anniversary gifts, the ball can be dropped when business anniversary gifts are concerned.

What are the benefits of commemorating your business’ anniversary with gifts?

Whilst it may be tempting to brush your anniversary aside and continue with business as usual, you may be missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity.

Sending out business gifts to celebrate your organisation’s anniversary offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy PR win. Your business reaching a milestone anniversary presents the perfect opportunity to get quick and easy PR for your business. This could be a few articles in a local newspaper, or full-blown coverage in national trade publications – depending on the scale of your celebrations and your budget for gifts.
  • Improve employee morale. Celebrating a business anniversary with gifts for your employees is a sure-fire way of boosting internal morale. Surprising your employees with gifts can help create a positive buzz around the anniversary day, not to mention encouraging more positive sentiment via social media.
  • Remind clients/customers of your dependability. A long-established business is a clear marker of trust. This can help reinforce your reputation as a reliable, dependable organisation that can be relied upon by your clients and customers. Whether you’ve been successfully trading for 5 or 50 years – celebrating each milestone keeps your customers invested in you.
  • Increase brand awareness. Celebrating a company anniversary with business gifts is an opportunity to boost brand awareness amongst those who haven’t yet heard of you. Spreading the word that your business has outlasted the competition is an excellent way of introducing yourself to new customers and speaks volumes about your trustworthiness.

At what milestones should you celebrate your business anniversary?

  • How and when you choose to celebrate your business anniversary will depend on the nature of your business and the resources that you can spare.
  • Planning a large-scale event takes time and money, something that many start-ups and newly founded businesses typically don’t have enough of.
  • Given these circumstances, your business may not have the staffing or resources to celebrate your anniversary until the 5th or even 10th year.
  • If you’re lucky enough to work for an organisation with the resources to celebrate from your first year, then you’ll have the luxury of being able to plan out your anniversary events or gifts years ahead of time.

Who should you send business anniversary gifts to?

The recipients of your business anniversary gifts can be limited to just the key contributors to your organisation. Or, if you have the budget, you can use the anniversary as an excuse to reach out to those to who you may not have been introduced yet:

  • Existing clients or customers. Depending on the goals you have in mind, sending business anniversary gifts to your clients can be a great way of reminding them of your positive relationship with them. This can reinforce the idea that your business is a stable one that can be trusted.
  • Prospective clients or customers. A business anniversary is a great opportunity to shout about your experience and reliability. These are two factors that can undoubtedly influence your chances of turning a prospective client into a paying customer. Sending out a gift to new business contacts is also a good way of putting yourself on their radar, and highlighting your experience in your chosen field.
  • Your employees. Whether you are surprising employees with a Friday night-in hamper or creating a gift box that waits on their desk on the big day; your employees are going to be the key stakeholders in your business’ anniversary. Treating them with a gift should translate to an improvement in morale and overall performance.
  • Families of employees. Getting your employee’s extended family in on the fun is another great way of boosting morale. For example, if you’re hosting a family fun day to celebrate then you could create a bespoke gift box to keep the kids entertained.
  • Suppliers or partners. Depending on your niche, you may have a network of businesses that you deal with on a regular basis. Sending out anniversary gifts to them could help to further cement the working relationship you have, and help them feel included as part of your celebrations.
  • Industry/trade publications. Lead the charge with your PR campaign by sending gifts out to publications or writers that you’ve dealt with over the years. Sending out gifts ahead of time can grease the wheels and draw attention to your anniversary. This gives you a better chance of getting those all-important media placements at the right time.

How can you incorporate corporate gifts into your business anniversary celebration?

Your business anniversary gifts don’t have to be limited to a simple send-out. There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate them into your planned celebrations.

  • Employee awards ceremony. Add the finishing touches to your awards ceremony with engraved awards, plaques, or celebratory gift boxes.
  • Volunteering. Commemorate a day of volunteering or charity fun run with branded T-shirts, bottles, or caps for all participants.
  • Message from the boss. Accompany a hand-signed note from your CEO or Managing Director with a branded gift box that celebrates your business’ milestone.
  • New branding/logo. Celebrate the inauguration of a new logo for your business by releasing a limited run of branded merchandise for your employees or clients.
  • Formal event. Give your guests a memento to take home with them after your formal anniversary event.

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Business gift ideas to celebrate your anniversary

1 Year Business Anniversary Gift Idea

What’s in the box?

  • Hard water bottle.
  • Notebook with pen.
  • Soft sleeve case.

Why choose this box?

  • Celebrate your first year in business with a simple selection of branded goods.
  • Flexible packaging and design options.
  • Can be branded with your company logo.
  • Can include a personalised card with your business anniversary message.
1 Year Business Anniversary Gift Idea
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Year Business Anniversary Gift Idea

What’s in the box?

  • Full colour printed gift box.
  • Full colour printed A5 notebook
  • Laser engraved coffee cup.
  • Pack of 20 Mood motivation cards.

Why choose this box?

  • Made from sustainably sourced card.
  • Personalise with your own branding or message.
  • High-quality packaging and products, suitable for the occasion.

10 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

What’s in the box?

  • 3-in-1 charging cable.
  • Portable speaker.
  • Notebook with pen.

Why choose this box?

  • Deliver a high-quality tech product that can be put straight to use.
  • Modern, stylishly designed items are perfect for all types of businesses.
  • All packaged within sleek, easily branded packaging.
10 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas
20 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

20 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

What’s in the box?

  • Branded rucksack.
  • Personalised card with your anniversary message.

Why choose this box?

  • A big-ticket item that is sure to be appreciated by a wide audience.
  • Suitable for employees, as well as business partners or customers.
  • Comes packaged in a highly customisable box, for maximum visual impact.

25 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

What’s in the box?

  • High-quality mouse pad including wireless phone charger
  • Wired USB video conference-ready headphones

Why choose this box?

  • Perfect selection of branded goods for remote workers, business suppliers or overseas clients.
  • Provides remote workforce with everything required to celebrate business anniversary virtually.
25 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Business Anniversary Gift FAQs

How have other businesses celebrated their anniversaries with gifts?

The love-it-or-hate-it British spread gifted 260 employees in Staffordshire with a limited edition gold jar to commemorate the occasion.

10 years later, the brand one-upped itself by releasing Marmite Gold to the public. The signature product was blended with gold coloured flecks, the first time the recipe has ever been adapted.

Does a business have a birthday or an anniversary?

All businesses have a birthday or anniversary, although it’s up to the organisation to decide when they mark the occasion.

You may wish to commemorate the day that your business became incorporated, or you may prefer to mark the day you hired your first employee – the choice is up to you.

Regardless of the date that you choose, you should remain consistent with that date going forward.

What is a company birthday called?

A company birthday can also be referred to as a ‘business anniversary’ or (more commonly) a ‘corporate anniversary’.

Why do we need to celebrate a company anniversary?

Company anniversaries do not need to be celebrated, however, they do offer a unique opportunity for businesses to mark the number of years that they’ve spent in business.

Businesses can use this opportunity to market their business, increase their brand awareness or reach out to their existing customer base.

How do you announce a business anniversary?

You can announce your business anniversary through a few different channels:

  • Branded merchandise/corporate gift campaign. Surprise your business contacts with a branded box of goods that announces your anniversary, whilst providing them with a reminder to use your services or product in the future.
  • Social media. The easiest and cheapest option. Posting a simple message to your social accounts takes very little effort, however, it may not have the best impact either.
  • Press release. If you have a dedicated marketing or press team, then a formal press release can be an efficient way to push your anniversary message to those in a position to write about it.
  • Ad campaign. Tie your business anniversary in with a discount or offer, then push it through an advertising campaign on social media, or via Google’s Display Ads.
How do you celebrate a nonprofit anniversary?

You can celebrate a nonprofit’s anniversary in much the same way as a for-profit organisation. Care must be taken to ensure that spending on the celebrations is not seen as lavish or a potential waste of contributors’ valuable donations.

When done properly, a nonprofit anniversary can help reinforce your donors’ trust in you and provide your employees with motivation to continue working hard.

How do businesses celebrate birthdays?

A business anniversary can be celebrated in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Events. Internal or public events, such as parties, BBQs, or conferences.
  • Social media. Social media announcements across company-specific channels, or combined efforts from employees’ personal accounts.
  • Family fun day. Celebrating by bringing together families of employees across the business for a day of socialising.
  • Commemorative packaging. A flagship product can be given a makeover to celebrate the anniversary, a simple way of publicising to your customer base.
  • Donations to charity. A foundation could be set up in the business’ name, or a donation could be made to a charitable cause that is related to the business.
  • Sales or discounts. The celebrations of the business’ success can be passed on to customers, who may find a reason to celebrate when there’s more money in their pocket.
  • Ad campaigns. Whether digitally or in print, ad campaigns can help support the strategic goals of celebrating the work anniversary.
  • New logos. Refreshing the brand identity can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone: the company’s image can be modernised whilst also celebrated for its long tenure.
How do you celebrate a small business anniversary?

Small businesses typically have fewer resources to celebrate their anniversaries. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that the benefits of the celebrations outweigh the costs.

If your small business is considering sending out anniversary gift boxes then you may want to prioritise sending them to high-importance clients, in order to ensure maximum impact.

How do you celebrate your business anniversary virtually?

Business anniversary gift boxes are a perfect way of celebrating the day virtually. Organising a large-scale event, or arranging the creation of a new logo to commemorate your anniversary may require more resources and manpower than you can feasibly spare.

By outsourcing the production and delivery of business gifts you can ensure that plans are in place, without spending your own time with the logistics.

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