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Corporate Event Gifts

Corporate Event Gifts: How To Do Them Right

A corporate event is a perfect way to introduce your branding to a wider audience. Conferences, trade conventions and other events offer a unique opportunity to meet new customers, network with other businesses, and create awareness of your brand. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is with corporate gift boxes including promotional items bearing your company logo.

You might also consider allocating some of your branded merchandise budget to work anniversary gift boxes, employee incentive gifts, welcome gifts for new employeesbusiness anniversary gifts, travel gifts, seasonal gifts or client thank you gifts.

When should you consider giving a corporate gift at an event?

  • Promotional gifts are suitable for most types of corporate events. Whether it’s a product launch arranged by your company or an industry-wide trade show, attendees enjoy walking away with some quality branded merchandise at the end of a long day.
  • Conferences and conventions are other popular venues for corporate gifting. Like trade shows, you will find yourself vying for the attention of prospective clients with other businesses in your field. This is where unique corporate gifts can really come into their own, giving visitors to your booth a favourable impression of you and your company.
  • With a selection of branded promotional products or unbranded gifts, along with a personalized message inside, corporate rewards are the perfect present to recognise hard work among your staff.

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Why should you consider giving gifts at a corporate event?

It’s all too easy to think of corporate gifts as throwaway items – cheap bits of promotional ephemera that will end up stuffed into an office drawer…if they’re lucky. This is far from the case.

Clients often keep hold of any corporate gifts they receive, so long as they are good-quality items. This is why functional items are such a popular choice for branded merchandise – if they work well, a customer will find a use for them, keeping your company name and logo in their immediate vicinity.

These are just some of the most popular reasons that you should offer some sort of corporate gift at industry events.

Increase brand awareness

Each piece of branded merchandise you distribute at a corporate event increases the visibility of your brand. We’re not just talking about the individual recipient of your gift, either. If they find your item useful, anybody they meet at their office will also come to recognise your company name and logo over time.

If you create a particularly interesting or effective corporate gift, your clients won’t be able to stop themselves from showing it off to other people in their vicinity. Since these are likely to be members of the same sector or industry, that leads to greater interest in your brand, resulting in fresh leads, more sales, and increased revenue.

Improve customer loyalty

People love to receive something for nothing – it’s just human nature. Another aspect of human nature is the need to reciprocate. If someone gives you the perfect present out of nowhere, you are compelled to give them something in return.

At a trade show event or convention, that’s not something your prospective clients can do immediately. By giving them something of value, you have made them feel appreciated, which makes them more likely to come back to your company in the future.

Stand out from the crowd

Conventions and conferences are competitive affairs, with companies from all across your industry under corporate orders to extend the reach of their brand with a range of promotional items at their disposal.

This is why you should put some thought into corporate gifts when attending an event. The more it distinguishes you from other companies at the conference, the more likely clients are to view you as a preferred party for doing business with.

Improve brand retention

Getting your branding out there is one thing, but keeping it in peoples’ minds is another. Branded merchandise with a striking company logo is part of the battle. The other half is presenting potential clients and partners with a gift that has some utility to it.

Tote bags, wallets, diaries, and even the humble pen are all things that a business client might use over and over again. Every time they do, they’ll recognise your brand name and logo, even if they don’t realise they’re doing it.

Improve sales

We’ve discussed this in a roundabout way when we talked about brand awareness, but there is a more direct impact on sales. If someone sees a client using a branded sports bottle with your company logo on it, they might ask about it.

If you’ve done your job at the relevant corporate event, the client should be able to tell them about your company and its products. You can’t expect a full sales pitch but, if they deliver the essentials, that could easily be a fresh lead for your business.

Positive perception

Sometimes you’re not pitching a new product or service, but it’s good to make an appearance at a particular event, especially if it’s a big date in your industry’s diary.

At this kind of event, you get to chat with clients and create a more natural bond with them. Any corporate gifts you hand over will be even more warmly received than usual since it seems more personal. This delivers a great impression of your company to new and existing clients alike.

What makes a good corporate gift for an event?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing business gifts for your upcoming corporate event. They can be tiny little things, like a bowl of sweets, chocolates, or other tasty treats. They can be mass-produced items, like pens, pencils, and coffee mugs, or more unique expensive gifts.

Something a visitor to your stand can actually use is a huge benefit. Whether it’s a tote bag that they can carry their shopping in, a water bottle for their early morning run, or an insulated travel mug for their early morning commute, functional gifts are always smiled upon.

If you have the time and the budget, personalised or handmade gifts are a popular choice, though this isn’t always possible at large events.

When it comes to choosing a corporate gift, there are only two essentials you need to consider:


Promotional items come at a price and, while they offer a great return on investment, it’s important not to go overboard.

While we all want to impress at an industry event, not everything has to be gold-plated phone cases or diamond-studded air pods. Simple gifts can be just as effective, without the risk of blowing your marketing budget at a single event.


Aside from a treat bowl on your stand for passers-by, anything you give away should have your branding and logo front and centre.

The whole purpose of these events – from your perspective at least – is for new clients to discover you and your brand.

Let them see the logo, let them recognise your company colours and, most importantly, let them walk away with a range of promotional items displaying your branding to the rest of the conference.

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Corporate gift ideas for trade shows and events

We have an extensive range of personalised corporate gifts that you can distribute at your next corporate event. From luggage tags to tasty treats, we have something to suit every industry and every budget.

These are just some of our most popular promotional items:

Branded events gift boxes

  • If you’re using non-branded merchandise at your trade stand, you can still benefit from improved brand awareness with our range of branded boxes.
  • We have everything from small favour boxes you can fill with chocolates and sweets, to larger containers that you can pack with all kinds of goodies.
  • These allow you to produce custom boxes for any events that you attend, with your company logo printed on each for everyone to see.
Gradcon22 corporate gift box
Business essentials events gift box

Business essentials gift boxes

  • Most clients you meet at an event are in the same business as you, so you’ll already know that there are certain corporate gifts that never go out of fashion.
  • Notebooks and pens, coffee mugs, water bottles, and the like, all make great gifts that you know will come in handy in an office environment. They can, of course, be personalised with your own company logo or other branding.

Hi-tech goods gift boxes

  • Tech items always make for popular corporate gifts and they are more available and affordable than ever before.
  • Wireless headphones and wireless speakers are great gift ideas and are guaranteed to make prospective clients think favourably of your business.
  • For a unique gift that will certainly get used (and therefore noticed) in the office, why not consider a personalised 3-in-1 USB charger adaptor? It’s the ideal gift for the corporate world and one that every office employee would be happy to own.
Tech goods events gift box
Thank you gifts for real estate clients

Unique gift boxes for events

  • If you really want clients to leave your stall with a positive impression of your company, give them a gift that is just for them.
  • It’s not a business tool or something they can use in the workplace, but something that they can use at home.
  • That could be a peace of outerwear like a waterproof jacket or a gilet, a head or neck massager, or even a home fondue kit.
  • While you might not get the brand reach that you would with other corporate gift ideas, these personalised items make clients feel even better about your business. This makes them a great gift for buyers and other decision-makers.

Custom events gift box ideas

  • What’s better than a corporate gift? A whole box full of corporate gifts, of course.
  • We create custom gift boxes that your sales team can give away at corporate events.
  • From small boxes containing a notebook, pen, and keyring, to more elaborate offerings that will make you stand out at any conference.
  • We pack each box with a range of quality items, each with your corporate branding.
10 Year Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Corporate Events Gift Boxes FAQs

How effective are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifting among industry peers is one of the most effective ways to network with other companies. Each gift is printed with your corporate logo and contact details and, if you choose the right gift, your recipient will make use of it nearly every day.

When they need a product or a service that you provide, your promotional items will serve as inspiration when it comes to decision-making.

Should I get the same corporate gifts for every event?

It really depends on the size and spread of your industry. If you’re going to encounter broadly the same group of people at each new conference, it might be worth changing up your stock of corporate gifts.

Not only will it make you more memorable, but clients notice when businesses can invest a lot in promotional items. Even a change in packaging can make a favourable impression, even if the gift inside is similar to previous events.

How much should I spend on corporate gifts for a trade event?

We know that every business has its own budget restrictions that it needs to manage. This is why we offer such an extensive selection of corporate gifts – so everybody can deliver something memorable to their respective clients. Whether your budget is large or small, you can find the right business gifts that will offer a return on investment.

Where can I get suitable corporate gifts for a conference?

We create beautiful promotional items of the highest quality for clients across the country. No matter what occasion you need them for – be it a product launch, conference, or another trade event – you can benefit from our selection of incredible corporate gifts, personalised with your company branding.

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