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Corporate Christmas gift boxes

Seasonal Corporate Gifts: How To Do Them Right

There’s a reason Christmas is referred to as the most wonderful time of the year and it’s not just because of that song by Andy Williams (or even Johnny Mathis). It’s a time when most people are looking forward to a little break from work to spend time with friends, families, and loved ones.

It’s usually a busy time of year for most businesses, with staff working hard to serve customers, fulfill orders, and perform their day-to-day duties, despite the increased workload and stressed-out clients. In fact, it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for your team – as well as freelancers, contractors, and business partners – with a spot of festive gift-giving.

Corporate gift boxes are a great way to show your appreciation for the work performed by your staff. Whether you’re rewarding a single team member for their particular contribution to a project, or the entire building; a corporate gift box is an ideal way to go about it.

You might also consider allocating some of your branded merchandise budget to work anniversary gift boxes, welcome gifts for new employees, business anniversary gifts, travel gift boxes, employee incentive gifts, seasonal gifts, or corporate thank you gifts.

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Why are corporate Christmas gifts a good idea?

  • Everybody wants to feel valued by the company that employs them and your staff is no different.
  • They’ve worked hard for the company all year, delivered excellent customer service, upheld your company values, and done everything you’ve asked of them.
  • It’s in the spirit of the season to offer them a little something on top of their contracted wages.
  • Some companies offer a seasonal bonus, while some arrange for a Christmas meal or an office party.
  • While these are all great ideas, nothing shows that you care for your team quite like physical and tangible Christmas gifts.

Who should you buy business Christmas gifts for?

The short answer is: anybody you want. In practical terms, every business has a budget that they need to stick to. If you’re thinking of giving away corporate gift boxes for this year’s holiday season, these are some of the people you might consider giving them to:

  • Employees. A corporate gift box is a great and cost-effective way to say thank you to your employees for their hard work over the preceding 12 months. Whether you run a small, tight-knit team, or a sprawling corporate empire covering several offices, we have corporate holiday gift ideas to suit any budget to make sure nobody feels left out.
  • Business associate. In today’s corporate environment, few companies operate in complete isolation. You will have several types of business associate that add value to your business, whether they are providing leads, doing your accountancy work or providing legal services. They certainly deserve recognition during the holiday season.
  • Freelancers and contractors. While they may not be on your PAYE payroll, freelance workers are at least as important to your bottom line as your contracted staff. Most contractors are well-recompensed for their work, but seasonal gifts can show that you value their contribution to your company.
  • Business clients. If you have key business clients that you rely on for much of your work, it’s always worthwhile sending them some corporate Christmas gifts. A seasonal gift box shows your appreciation for the business relationship you have built and you can even include a personalized message inside to that effect for your top clients.
  • Support staff. While we’ve already mentioned employees, don’t forget support staff, who might be supplied by an outside firm or agency. From reception staff and security to cleaners, canteen staff, and more – Christmas gifts from the company are the perfect way to say thank you.

What are the Benefits of Seasonal Business Gifts?

There are many benefits to giving Christmas gifts for employees and other business associates. Chief among them is the happiness and surprise of the recipients when they discover you’ve got them a little something to show that their efforts are appreciated. However, there is more to it than that – corporate gifting around the holiday season also offers real, tangible benefits to your company.

  • Improve staff morale. Depending on the product or service that your provide, workloads can increase exponentially during the winter months and your employees are expected to maintain the same high standard of customer service throughout. Holiday gifts from the company make your team feel appreciated – whether in the form of individual gift boxes, a basket of delicious treats for the team, or a care package.
  • Strengthen business relations. Corporate gifts are a great way to remind business associates outside of the office how important their relationship is to you. Business Christmas gifts aren’t automatically expected, so getting one out of the blue is a pleasant surprise.
  • Increase brand loyalty. If you choose to send clients a Christmas gift, you’re doing more than just thanking them for their custom. Gifts for clients don’t just delight customers, but they give them a need to reciprocate. While this is unlikely to be in the form of a gift box of their own, customers will see your present as a sign that you care about them as people.
Joe and Sephs Christmas Box

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What Makes a Good Corporate Gift Box for Christmas?

When you’re giving a corporate gift at Christmas you don’t need to worry too much about what you’re putting in the gift box. What’s important is that you’ve gone to the time and expense to hand out a Christmas gift to your staff, customers, or business associates.

That said, it’s always better to give corporate gifts that the recipients can actually use.

  • You can create a care package full of hot beverages and delicious treats that customers and staff can take home to enjoy over the holiday break.
  • You can put together a corporate gift box of useful promotional items that they can use every day.
  • Things like a tote bag, a water bottle, a coffee mug, or some wireless headphones are always well-received.

Ultimately, it’s down to you what to put in your corporate gift basket. We can help you curate beautiful business gifts for clients, partners, and employees that have a definite wow factor and make for a memorable Christmas present.

Best Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Whatever your budget, we have the ideal solution for your festive corporate gifts. These are just some of our most popular items:

Christmas gift boxes

  • These are the classic Christmas gift boxes, with a simple, festive design on the outside.
  • You can fill these with all sorts of corporate gifts, from wireless speakers and headphones, to notebooks and pens, to water bottles and insulated coffee mugs.
  • We can also include a personalized message in each box to make them a memorable token of your appreciation.
Corporate Christmas gift boxes
Secular corporate gift boxes

Secular gift boxes

  • If you don’t want a seasonal theme for your corporate gifts, you can still impress your staff and clients with a high-quality gift box.
  • These boxes offer a general thank you rather than being linked to a particular occasion like Christmas.
  • Beyond that, there is nothing stopping you from including the same beautiful gifts that you would in a festive box; such as small practical items like penknives and keyrings, or more expensive tech accessories like phone chargers and overhead headphones.

Corporate Christmas care boxes

  • Why not show your employees how much you appreciate them by creating a corporate gift box that encourages them to make the most of their home life?
  • You can include oven gloves and an apron, together with a recipe for making Christmas cookies.
  • You can give them a home fondue set for a tasty sweet treat over the holidays.
  • Or what about plants that they can grow at home (or bring into the office)?
2 year work anniversary gift box

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Seasonal Gift Box FAQs

When should I start planning my corporate gifts for Christmas?

Whenever you anticipate a large-scale exchange of corporate gifts, you should start planning as soon as possible. While we offer a fast turnaround on all corporate gift box orders, the more gifts you need for your office, the longer the lead time.

If you’re planning on delivering the gift boxes yourself, you will need time at your end to distribute your gifts accordingly. Unless your Christmas gifts contain food, drink, and other perishable treats, there’s no reason you can’t order them months in advance and store them in a safe, secure place at your office.

What if some of my recipients don't celebrate Christmas?

We live in a multi-cultural society and you can’t assume that everybody on your gift list will be celebrating Christmas – at least, not as a religious festival. However, that’s no reason to exclude them from the occasion and its festivities.

Aside from Christmas itself, there are no fewer than five major religious observances during December and early January. These include Rohatsu, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Pongal, Baisakhi, the Winter Solstice, and Zarathosht Diso.

You can choose to offer your gift as a present from someone who celebrates Christmas rather than to someone who celebrates Christmas (an important distinction). Alternatively, for non-Christian recipients, you can offer corporate gifts as a secular present – a thank you for their hard work or business.

How much should I spend on corporate Christmas gifts?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – it really boils down to how generous you’re feeling and what sort of budget you have set aside for corporate Christmas gifts.

Generally speaking, the fewer people you are sending gifts to at Christmas, the more expensive or elaborate a gift box you can send them.

We offer a wide selection of promotional products and Christmas gifts and treats suitable for any budget.

Whether you need a little something for hundreds of employees or something more extravagant for a handful of workers, we can put together the ideal gift box from you.

Isn't buying corporate gifts in bulk wasteful?

Many businesses pride themselves on their green credentials and gifting promotional products and other corporate gifts at Christmas may seem to go against those company values.

We offer a broad range of eco-friendly gift ideas and packaging, so you can create corporate gift boxes for customers and staff alike without damaging the environment.

Should all recipients get corporate Christmas gifts of the same value?

When handing out corporate Christmas gifts, it’s important that nobody feels left out or hard done by. It’s always a good idea to put together Christmas gift boxes of comparable value for everyone.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with having tiered Christmas gifts across the board. A senior manager might receive a more expensive Christmas gift from the company than a frontline member of staff, for instance.

Where can I get suitable corporate gifts for the holiday season?

We have everything you need to put together the perfect corporate gift boxes for Christmas. Let our team of professionals walk you through the various solutions we have on offer and help you put together quality gift boxes for clients, employees, and partners alike.

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