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Business Anniversary Gift Ideas: Celebrate Your Milestones the Right Way

A business anniversary is no small feat, especially in the modern market. Running a successful business not only takes time and effort from those at the top of management, but it also involves contribution from the whole team. From employees to suppliers, to customers and clients, it’s all about teamwork. 

Sending gifts is a great way to show your recognition when you’ve reached a significant milestone, whether it’s been 1 year, 2 years or 10 years. Read on for tips and ideas for business anniversary gifts, and how you can create the perfect gift box for your celebrations!

What are the benefits of celebrating business anniversaries?

  • Encourage further growth. When celebrating the anniversary of your business, you are not only showing people how far you’ve come, but how far you can reach. This helps create a hard working company culture and encourages people to help the business continue to grow.
  • Show recognition to those around you. A successful business can’t run without the hard work of those within it. Celebrating a business anniversary is a perfect opportunity to tell your employees and clients thank you for their efforts.
  • Improve employee performance. If employees believe they are part of a growing and successful business, then they’ll be more likely to align with the company culture and strive for success in their day-to-day work.
  • Strengthen brand image. Reaching a business anniversary shows that you and your workforce know how to run a successful business. This can not only help attract new customers and generate sales, but attract high-value employees in the workforce.
  • Announce new company endeavours. An anniversary is a great way to announce new endeavours and presents the perfect PR opportunity to spread the word. An event that highlights a milestone year and a new direction for the company is sure to make industry talk and encourage people to talk about your success.

Why is it important to celebrate business anniversaries?

A business anniversary may seem like a faff for some business owners, but in reality, business anniversaries can be hard to come by. It’s now harder than ever to compete with other businesses, due to the evolution of modern technology and uplift in enterprises being formed across the UK and overseas, which means that they are a cause for celebration.

It’s estimated that approximately 300,000-400,000 businesses are ‘born’ each year, with approximately 250,000-300,000 businesses ‘dying’. This statistic shows that it’s hard for businesses to stay existing in the current market, so it’s important to celebrate your business anniversaries with those internal and external to the business.

Who can you send business anniversary gifts to?

Who you wish to send business anniversary gifts to can depend on a few variables, including the scale of your business, your budget limitations and the milestone you have reached. 

It’s a no-brainer that you should consider sending gifts to your employees to celebrate your business anniversary. They’ll appreciate the recognition for the hard work they have put into the business, and it’s likely to encourage them to continue to perform on-the-job and hit future targets. 

You should also consider sending gifts to your clients or customer base, who have shown loyalty and support for you during the years. You can go big or small, depending on the scale of your business. A gift box or even a small token in a customer’s order can go a long way, and encourage them to continue to choose your services.

Looking to Strengthen Your Corporate Relations?

  • Gifts for Employees

    Show your appreciation to your workforce with bespoke corporate gifts. Find out more about our corporate gift boxes and how we can help develop your brand culture.

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  • Gifts for Clients

    Send a bespoke corporate gift to your clientele to recognise their loyalty to your business. See what we have to offer with our corporate gift boxes, and benefit from gifting advice from the experts!

    Corporate Gifts for Clients

Where can you give business anniversary gifts out?

You can be creative when it comes to giving out your business anniversary gifts, to maximise exposure and ensure that everyone involved in your business can celebrate together. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Hand them out in the office. Surprise employees on their desks with gifts they’ll use both at work and when they’re at home. 
  • Place them in customer orders. Slip some gifts into a customer order to give them a surprise on their next purchase.
  • Throw an exclusive anniversary event. Invite your employees and close corporate relations to an exclusive party.
  • Invite local publications to a PR event. Invite local trade publications and fellow industry workers to show off your milestone. 

Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Business Anniversary

Business Anniversary Gift Boxes

Branded Ballpoint Pen

Choose Silver or Gold to mark your milestone. A pen is a token gift that will be appreciated by your employees and clients, and can feature your milestone to show off how far your business has come. 

Ideal for: any of your staff and clients that have helped be a part of your business’ growth! Find out about our branded pens in our stationary collection catalogue.


Branded Mug

A mug is an essential for those who enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee. Send one to celebrate your anniversary, featuring your brand logo and a personalised message to show off your milestone.

Ideal for:anyone who works in the office or from home. They’ll get good use out of it!

Browse what other types of bespoke drinkware we offer in our collection catalogue.

image of a mug for a business aniversary
imagfe of a branded shirt

Branded T-Shirt

Share the celebrations with a branded T-Shirt. Fully customisable clothing, choose your brand colours and write a personalised message to show off your milestone achievement!

Ideal for:your employees to wear around the office or clients to wear at home. We’re sure it’ll go down a treat!

Browse our range of personalised clothing in our house of inspiration collection

Prosecco Bottle

Pop open the bubbly and send your clients or employees a bottle of prosecco to really get the celebrations started. 

Along with our range of branded merchandise to choose from, we offer additional options including prosecco, chocolates and other luxurious items with our corporate gift boxes to really make your gifts stand out!

Bottle of wine

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Celebrate Your Anniversary Milestone with a Corporate Gift Box

What is a Corporate Gift Box?

Each of our corporate gift boxes comprises bespoke branded merchandise that make the perfect gift for new employees during the onboarding process. We offer an extensive range of bespoke branded merchandise suitable for all workplace environments. From office stationery, to clothing, to golf merchandise. We have it all! You can browse through our catalogues here.

Who Are Award Signs?

We have been designing and manufacturing corporate gifts for businesses all around the UK since 2006.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of renowned brands and continue to satisfy businesses with our hassle-free service and high quality gift boxes. Why do we do it? We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for all of our clients, and helping them develop their brand.

Why Choose an Award Corporate Gift Box?

Finding ideas for welcome gifts often involve endless hours of researching on the internet and a prolonged checkout process. This can be both time consuming and costly to your business, which could be spent elsewhere.

At Award, our corporate gift boxes save you both time and money, with our bespoke consultation service and efficient shipping. We advise you on what is best for your business, based on your requirements and budget limitations, so you get the best value for your money. Get in touch with us and we’ll do the work for you, from product design to packaging to delivery.

How Do I Design a Business Anniversary Gift Box?

It’s easy! Fill in the form with your details, including any requirements that you need, and our expert consultants will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution for your gifting needs.

We offer all of our customers a free bespoke consultation. We speak with you to understand your business’ needs, and what you want in a corporate gift box. Once we have come to a conclusion, we’ll do the rest! From design, to packaging, to delivery, we’ve got you covered. 

Feeling inspired and want to find out more? Get in touch by filling in the contact form below, or give us a call on 01625 858585.

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Business Anniversary Gift FAQs

How have other businesses celebrated their anniversaries with gifts?

The love-it-or-hate-it British spread gifted 260 employees in Staffordshire with a limited edition gold jar to commemorate the occasion.

10 years later, the brand one-upped itself by releasing Marmite Gold to the public. The signature product was blended with gold coloured flecks, the first time the recipe has ever been adapted.

Does a business have a birthday or an anniversary?

All businesses have a birthday or anniversary, although it’s up to the organisation to decide when they mark the occasion.

You may wish to commemorate the day that your business became incorporated, or you may prefer to mark the day you hired your first employee – the choice is up to you.

Regardless of the date that you choose, you should remain consistent with that date going forward.

What is a company birthday called?

A company birthday can also be referred to as a ‘business anniversary’ or (more commonly) a ‘corporate anniversary’.

Why do we need to celebrate a company anniversary?

Company anniversaries do not need to be celebrated, however, they do offer a unique opportunity for businesses to mark the number of years that they’ve spent in business.

Businesses can use this opportunity to market their business, increase their brand awareness or reach out to their existing customer base.

How do you announce a business anniversary?

You can announce your business anniversary through a few different channels:

  • Branded merchandise/corporate gift campaign. Surprise your business contacts with a branded box of goods that announces your anniversary, whilst providing them with a reminder to use your services or product in the future.
  • Social media. The easiest and cheapest option. Posting a simple message to your social accounts takes very little effort, however, it may not have the best impact either.
  • Press release. If you have a dedicated marketing or press team, then a formal press release can be an efficient way to push your anniversary message to those in a position to write about it.
  • Ad campaign. Tie your business anniversary in with a discount or offer, then push it through an advertising campaign on social media, or via Google’s Display Ads.
How do you celebrate a nonprofit anniversary?

You can celebrate a nonprofit’s anniversary in much the same way as a for-profit organisation. Care must be taken to ensure that spending on the celebrations is not seen as lavish or a potential waste of contributors’ valuable donations.

When done properly, a nonprofit anniversary can help reinforce your donors’ trust in you and provide your employees with motivation to continue working hard.

How do businesses celebrate birthdays?

A business anniversary can be celebrated in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Events. Internal or public events, such as parties, BBQs, or conferences.
  • Social media. Social media announcements across company-specific channels, or combined efforts from employees’ personal accounts.
  • Family fun day. Celebrating by bringing together families of employees across the business for a day of socialising.
  • Commemorative packaging. A flagship product can be given a makeover to celebrate the anniversary, a simple way of publicising to your customer base.
  • Donations to charity. A foundation could be set up in the business’ name, or a donation could be made to a charitable cause that is related to the business.
  • Sales or discounts. The celebrations of the business’ success can be passed on to customers, who may find a reason to celebrate when there’s more money in their pocket.
  • Ad campaigns. Whether digitally or in print, ad campaigns can help support the strategic goals of celebrating the work anniversary.
  • New logos. Refreshing the brand identity can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone: the company’s image can be modernised whilst also celebrated for its long tenure.
How do you celebrate a small business anniversary?

Small businesses typically have fewer resources to celebrate their anniversaries. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that the benefits of the celebrations outweigh the costs.

If your small business is considering sending out anniversary gift boxes then you may want to prioritise sending them to high-importance clients, in order to ensure maximum impact.

How do you celebrate your business anniversary virtually?

Business anniversary gift boxes are a perfect way of celebrating the day virtually. Organising a large-scale event, or arranging the creation of a new logo to commemorate your anniversary may require more resources and manpower than you can feasibly spare.

By outsourcing the production and delivery of business gifts you can ensure that plans are in place, without spending your own time with the logistics.