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Work Anniversary Gifts: Celebrate a Special Milestone

A year spent at a company should never go amiss, and be something celebrated with all of your employees who have reached a new milestone. Lots of things can happen over a year, with lots of challenges and ups and downs, so an annual gift is a sign of recognition for an employee’s loyalty to your business and for helping you reach your goals. 

Read on to find out more about why celebrating work anniversaries is in fact beneficial for the long-term success of your business, and find some inspiration for work anniversary gift ideas!

What are the benefits of celebrating a work anniversary?

What might appear as short-term costs for the business, celebrating annual milestones can see long-term results that benefit the longevity of a business and how it performs.

  • Develop a strong brand culture. Celebrating work anniversaries and acknowledging loyalty to the business, especially during the tougher periods for the business, indicates that employees are appreciated and can develop a positive and friendly working culture that brings management and staff together.
  • Retain high-performing staff. Employees feeling appreciated is one of the main causes for individuals to stay working for a business for a long period of time; celebrating an annual milestone, especially when unprompted, will be sure to let your staff know they are wanted and avoid accrued recruitment costs in the long run.
  • Increase staff morale. Recognising staff’s contributions to the business can go a long way in improving their morale in the workplace, and there’s no better time to do it then on their work anniversary.
  • Achieve results. Take one step closer to your business goals with a happier and more productive workforce. If your staff are more productive in their roles, the cogs will work cohesively and make day-to-day processes easier to maintain.

What are the best gifts for a work anniversary?

What do you gift for a 1 year work anniversary?

For a 1 year work anniversary, it’s best to keep it simple. It doesn’t have to push you out of your budget limitations, and we can assure that your employee will appreciate the token of gifting them unexpectedly. We would recommend including:

  • A branded mug or water bottle.
  • Branded stationery such as a pen, note pad etc.
  • Branded phone case.

What else can you do? Put some banners up in the office, give them a shout out on LinkedIn to show their milestone off or treat them to a lunch.

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Branded Bottle and Notebook Merchandise

What do you gift for a 2 year work anniversary?

A 2 year work anniversary can be a big deal for an employee, so it’s best to provide them with gifts that reflect their progress and development since working with the business. We recommend including:

  • Branded wireless phone charger
  • Branded diary
  • Branded flask
  • Selection of their favourite chocolates

What do you gift for a 5 year work anniversary?

A 5 year work anniversary isn’t a small feat; it reflects an employee’s loyalty to the business and indicates that they have been a high performer for some time. We recommend including:

  • Branded laptop bag
  • Branded umbrella
  • Branded wireless speaker
  • Bottle of prosecco & chocolates

What else can you do? 5 years is cause for a real celebration, so throw them a party and invite the whole office, or treat everyone to a meal.

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Celebrate a Work Anniversary with a Corporate Gift Box

What is a Corporate Gift Box?

Each of our corporate gift boxes comprises bespoke branded merchandise that make the perfect gift for new employees during the onboarding process. We offer an extensive range of bespoke branded merchandise suitable for all workplace environments. From office stationery, to clothing, to golf merchandise. We have it all! You can browse through our catalogues here.

Who Are Award Signs?

We have been designing and manufacturing corporate gifts for businesses all around the UK since 2006.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of renowned brands and continue to satisfy businesses with our hassle-free service and high quality gift boxes. Why do we do it? We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for all of our clients, and helping them develop their brand.

Why Choose an Award Corporate Gift Box?

Finding ideas for welcome gifts often involve endless hours of researching on the internet and a prolonged checkout process. This can be both time consuming and costly to your business, which could be spent elsewhere.

At Award, our corporate gift boxes save you both time and money, with our bespoke consultation service and efficient shipping. We advise you on what is best for your business, based on your requirements and budget limitations, so you get the best value for your money. Get in touch with us and we’ll do the work for you, from product design to packaging to delivery.

How Do I Design a Work Anniversary Gift Box?

It’s easy! Fill in the form with your details, including any requirements that you need, and our expert consultants will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution for your gifting needs.

We offer all of our customers a free bespoke consultation. We speak with you to understand your business’ needs, and what you want in a corporate gift box. Once we have come to a conclusion, we’ll do the rest! From design, to packaging, to delivery, we’ve got you covered. 

Feeling inspired and want to find out more? Get in touch by filling in the contact form below, or give us a call on 01625 858585.

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What is 'workaversary'?

A ‘workaversary’ is a coined term for an employee’s work anniversary, which celebrates the day that an employee started their job at their current place of employment. The term is commonly used by staff as a year spent at a company is something that is often celebrated between colleagues and management.

Why is a work anniversary important for a staff member?

A work anniversary can be important for an employee as it is an opportunity for personal reflection and benchmark their progress from when they started, to the current data. They are able to review their development since their start date, as well as how the business has developed since their contribution. 

How much should you spend on a work anniversary gift?

The amount you should spend on a work anniversary gift for an employee will depend on a number of factors, including your budget limitations, the length of service your staff has and also the type of business that you are. 

During your initial consultation, our expert consultant will take into considerations all of these factors and help build a gift box that fits your business.