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Online Merchandise Shops

  • Maintain control of your brand by offering pre-approved products to different departments, locations or customers.
  • Effectively manage bulk orders without the hassle of collecting and combining individual requests.
  • Streamline re-orders and get easier access to new product options.
  • All online shops can be protected with a single, customisable password. This can be changed at any time, which makes it perfect for limited-time offers.

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Company Shops

Company shops feature a collection of pre-approved products that can be ordered as often as you need. You have full control over who can place an order, where the products are shipped to, and how payment is made. You’ll receive an email confirmation and order reference each time an online order is placed through your company shop.

We can create a company shop for:

  • Head offices that want to offer a set of pre-approved products for multiple departments or locations to order.
  • Companies that want control of products offered to their colleagues or partners.
  • HR departments that need easy access to restock items, like welcome kits.

Pop-Up Shop

You’ll receive a full breakdown of who ordered what, making it easy to distribute products and track your shopper’s purchases.

Your shoppers also receive an email notification once their order is placed.

We can create a pop-up shop for:

  • Employee apparel programs – Employees place their low quantity apparel orders, then you can combine them into one easy-to-produce sales order.
  • Celebration gifts – Gift employees one item or allow them to order multiple items and pay for their checkout by credit card.

Selecting Your Products

Simplify your product options by selecting what you want to make available in your online shop beforehand. Once you’ve chosen your favourite products, you can decide on the different sizes, colours and quantities you’d like shoppers to purchase.

Pre-Determining Your Artwork

Keep control of your brand by pre-determining the artwork on all your products that will be in your online shop. Locking in the artwork gives you the convenience of using a set price point, and gives shoppers peace of mind knowing their order is on-brand.

Setting a Timeline

Whether you’re offering an ongoing ordering solution or just a limited-time offer, you can decide how long your online shop stays active.

Intralinks Online Shop

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  • Find out how our branded merchandise process works and see how we can help your business bring your plans to life.

    Bespoke Promotional Merchandise
  • Package your newly minted promotional merchandise into an appealing branded gift to send out to clients or employees.

    Corporate Gift Boxes
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Using Your Online Shop

Online shops are easy to use, but there are a few things to pay attention to when you begin placing orders through your new shop:

  • The shop’s landing page will highlight any important details you should be aware of before placing an order.
  • The product categories filter products for you, so you don’t have to look through everything at once.
  • A product’s description tells you everything you need to know about the item, including things like production time, decoration options, and what the pricing includes/excludes.
  • The checkout screen allows you to add a final comment to your order. You can use this area to ask questions or add any information requested in the splash screen.
  • A message will appear after you submit the order that tells you what to expect next.
  • You’ll receive an email notification shortly after placing your order.

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