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Welcome Gifts For New Employees

Welcome Gift Boxes For New Employees: How To Do Them Right

An employee’s first day working for a new organisation can be stressful.

  • They may need to contend with a number of new experiences, such as a new commute, meeting colleagues for the first time, understanding new standard operating procedures, and finding a place to sit at lunch! Providing a welcome gift for new employees can help break the ice and make them feel part of the team before they’ve done any work.
  • It’s the responsibility of organisations and employers to properly welcome new employees, and make the process of starting work with them as easy as possible. Unfortunately, not all companies take the opportunity to provide a welcoming onboarding experience. A 2017 survey from Gallup found that only 12% of American organisations provide a successful onboarding experience for their new employees.
  • A successful onboarding experience can be the difference between retaining a happy, efficient workforce or ruffling the feathers of new team members. This could lead to them making a hasty exit before they’ve finished their probation period. Research from the Brandon Hall Group suggests that a well-planned onboarding experience can improve employee retention by 82%.

If you want to make a good impression on your new employees and provide them with the best onboarding experience possible, you may want to consider preparing a stock of welcome gift packs. Read on for more ideas and tips for how to create your own employee welcome packs.

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What are gifts for new employees?

Gifts for new employees can encompass a wide range of products including corporate gift boxes and bespoke promotional merchandise.

They can range from a simple branded mug with a printed note, to a more extravagant bespoke box including a range of products, accompanied by a handwritten note from their new manager or team.

Whilst many companies allocate resources to work anniversary gift boxesthank you gifts for clients, or business anniversary gifts, the ball can often be dropped when welcoming new employees into the organisation.

Welcoming new employees with a gift can help create a positive first impression of your organisation, whilst contributing to their perception of your work culture.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of providing welcome packs for your new employees, and some of our recommended selections.


Tips for getting welcome packs right

Think about what they’ll need right now

What you choose to include in your employee welcome pack may change depending on where you’re based, the time of year and other contextual circumstances. New starters who are joining in summer may appreciate a branded baseball cap to block out the sun, whereas those starting in winter will probably appreciate something to keep them warm!

Take into account their job role

Whilst the person you’re buying for may well be a stranger at this point, there’s no harm in making assumptions based on their job role. For example, someone who’ll be taking on a mobile role in the business may appreciate a travel mug to take on their car journey. Similarly, a person in a writing role could benefit from a notepad or luxurious branded pen.

Budget for scale

If your business is expanding quickly, you may want to budget your welcome packs accordingly, just be aware that this typically comes at the cost of personalisation. Handing out individual gift boxes to a roomful of people can create good positive sentiment, but the impact of each gift is also likely to be diluted as a result.

Consider physically giving them the gift

The act of giving a gift should be personal and emotional. Whilst posting out welcome packs to remote workers is always going to be the best option, you may want to make more of a song and dance for in-house employees. Taking the time to hand your new employee their welcome pack gives you a chance to touch base with them and give your gift the biggest impact possible.

Where possible, try to make it personal

Personalising the branded products inside your onboarding gift is one of the best ways to turn a mass produced item into something distinctly personal. It will also ensure that your new employees don’t accidentally mix up their gifts with each other! If personalising each gift isn’t practical for your organisation, then consider hand-writing or signing a note to add the personal touch.

Benefits of giving onboarding gifts

  • Establish the core concepts of your corporate culture. First impressions really do count – in a new employee’s first week you have the opportunity to show them what your organisation’s values are. For example, an onboarding gift that emphasises wellness could communicate the value that you place on employee wellbeing.
  • Prime your new starters for productivity. Research from Zippia suggests that employee productivity typically hovers at around 25% for the first 12 weeks in a new workplace. With this in mind, it makes sense to provide your employees with everything they need to reach full efficiency sooner, rather than later.
  • Foster camaraderie between your new team members. Onboarding packs can help to bond a group of new starters, giving them a shared experience that gives them a common talking point and an opportunity to break the ice, if needed. This offers a great opportunity for new friendships to blossom, which could lead to stronger working relationships going forward.
  • Retain more of your new employees for longer. There’s a strong link between employee retention and work satisfaction. Whilst an onboarding gift is just one part of the overall employee experience, it makes sense to start as you mean to go on. You may regret not investing in their satisfaction if they choose to leave at a later date.
  • Build positive sentiment towards your organisation. Your new starters’ relationship with your organisation is almost as important as their relationship with their colleagues. Your employees have the capacity to become your biggest brand ambassadors, so it’s in your interest to start building positive sentiment between them and your organisation as soon as possible – and a well-thought-out onboarding gift is just one way to do this.
  • Break the ice between new and current employees. You can’t expect all of your employees to be social dynamos. By integrating welcome gifts into your onboarding process, you can create opportunities for an ice breaker between new and old colleagues alike.

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Welcome gift ideas for new employees

All-Purpose Welcome Kit

What’s in the box?

  • Drawstring bag with zip pocket.
  • Quality baseball cap.
  • Durable water bottle.

Who will love it?

  • This is a crowd-pleasing welcome pack that provides your newcomer with a few genuinely useful pieces of branded merchandise.
  • They may choose to use the water bottle at home or in the office, and will be sure to bring the baseball cap to the next company picnic!
  • The bag serves as a convenient way for them to take their swag home with them, if they don’t have room in the bag they brought with them.
All-Purpose Welcome Kit
Summer Time Onboarding Kit

Summer Time Onboarding Kit

What’s in the box?

  • Funky, durable water bottle.
  • Insulated lunch-bag.
  • Record player shaped hard-drive

Who will love it?

  • This summer-themed welcome pack is great for any organisation or team with a love for quirky, cute designs.
  • The lunch-bag and bottle go hand-in-hand – perfect for anyone that is partial to an alfresco lunch.
  • The welcome pack can be branded or customised to meet your requirements, including a personalised note.

Green Friend Welcome Box

What’s in the box?

  • Three plants conveniently packaged in their own pots?

Who will love it?

  • This is a great choice for remote workers or in-house staff.
  • Remote workers can brighten up their home office with a bit of life, whilst in-house staff can do the same at their desks.
  • The box is conveniently packaged, with a small form factor, making it easy to post out.
Green Friend Welcome Box
Overseas Starter Pack

Overseas Starter Pack

What’s in the box?

  • Travelling cushion
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleep mask
  • Cotton bag
  • Document holder

Who will love it?

  • A timely gift for new team members flying in to join your company.
  • Conversely, this box can also be sent out to newcomers who are travelling overseas to a new office.
  • Also a good choice for a new team member who is going to be a frequent flyer as part of their new role.

Work At Home Welcome

What’s in the box?

  • Durable, wood-style water bottle
  • Phone sanitiser or Power bank
  • Wireless headphones

Who will love it?

  • Any remote newcomer who’s working from a home office.
  • This tech-heavy gift box is packed full of useful items that new starters can put to use straight away.
  • All items can be branded with your organisation’s logo, including the gift box.
Work At Home Welcome
Simple Professional Welcome Pack

Simple Professional Welcome Pack

What’s in the box?

  • Laptop case
  • Padded notebook

Who will love it?

  • Any worker who needs to carry their work laptop around on a regular basis.
  • Also great for newcomers who are expected to take down plenty of notes in their day-to-day capacity.
  • Simple, but effective, these gifts offer great utility and can be branded with your business’ logo and name.

The Professional Starters Kit

What’s in the box?

  • Notebook
  • Water bottle
  • Pen

Who will love it?

  • This is an all-purpose gift box that can be produced in mass quantities and stored for when you need it.
  • You can feel confident giving this box to a range of newcomers in all types of roles.
  • Each product can be branded with your logo.
Professional Starters Kit

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Examples of the best welcome gifts for new employees

E-bay Onboarding Kit


  • If you’re one of the most iconic brands on the internet then you have the good fortune of being able to add value to any product by placing your brand on it.
  • eBay does just that with their onboarding pack, whilst also keeping a personal touch by including a note to the recipient.


  • There are few brands as recognisable as Nike.
  • New starters at this venerable sporting brand have been treated to a neatly packaged box including branded mug, calendar, post-its and earphones to match.
Nike Welcome Kit
Twitter Welcome Kit


  • The iconic blue bird of Twitter has been an internet staple for some time now.
  • Newcomers to the company have been treated to generous welcome packs including branded t-shirts, wine, notebooks, and laptop cases.
  • Whilst it might not be inclusive to all, the branded bottle of wine is certainly one way to alleviate new-job stress! 


  • It should come as little surprise that the health and beauty company synonymous with the tagline ‘because you’re worth it’ opts for an employee welcome pack that puts wellbeing front and centre.
  • New employees at L’Oreal have been treated to branded phone stands, water bottles and classic products from their beauty range.
L'Oreal Onboarding Pack
Salesforce Welcome Kit


  • Salesforce takes a customisable approach to their employee onboarding, ensuring that their new starters receive everything that they need to get stuck into their new role.
  • In addition to providing the technology that they’ll need to do their jobs, they’re also sure to include useful reading and fun items to keep things light.

Find Out About Our Welcome Gift Boxes For New Employees

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Welcome Gift FAQs

What is a good welcome to the team gift?

A good welcome to the team gift can be many things. It could provide a new employee with a selection of useful products that they can put to use in their day-to-day work. Or it could just be a care package focused around alleviating the stresses that they might have around starting their new job.

What should be in a welcome pack for new employees?

How you choose to pack your gift box is up to you, but it’s a good idea to ensure that you’re giving something that your employee can actually make use of, rather than a piece of branded tat that will sit in a drawer at home. If you’re not confident in choosing a branded item, then you could also consider food or drink instead.

What do you write in a welcome to the team card?

Your message in your welcome to the team card doesn’t have to be an essay! But you can easily create a personal touch by handwriting a thoughtful message that mentions how you’re looking forward to working with them. The take-home should be that you’re grateful that they chose to work with you in the first place!

Why is a welcome gift important?

A welcome gift is an important part of the onboarding process, as it can help ease your new starters into their first few days in a new role. In addition to establishing the core concepts of your corporate culture, a welcome gift can be a great way to foster camaraderie between new team members and encourage increased productivity, all of which can contribute to better overall employee retention in the long-run.

How do you welcome an employee on the first day?

How you choose to welcome a new employee on their first day will depend on your organisation’s culture, as well as the nature of your business. If yours is a very social work place, then you may wish to involve the whole team in welcoming your new starter.

Otherwise, if your workforce is predominantly remote and works in silos, then you may prefer a more personal one-to-one welcome. Regardless of which tack you take, you should consider a welcome gift to make their first day extra special.

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