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Integrating branded products into your marketing campaign is a powerful way to engage with your audiences and gain customer loyalty. We help many different clients to establish or enhance their company identity:-

  • Small start-up companies with a limited budget, introducing their company’s name and building awareness;
  • Large multi-national companies attending conferences, representing their brand on stands, in clothing and with giveaway merchandise;
  • SME’s hosting or sponsoring a corporate hospitality event, presenting attendees with branded items to use at the event and beyond;
  • Coaches/Trainers who are keen to portray the values of their company in course-supporting products;
  • Anyone who would like to publicise their brand via the use of promotional material.

In all of the above scenarios, and more, we ensure that we fully collaborate with clients and use our extensive experience to advise on what works and how to use it. We meet the client’s aims and objectives for their audience whilst ensuring the best ‘value for money’ from their budget.


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January 16, 2017

Showtime in January is when our suppliers showcase their offerings for the year ahead.  We attend trade-shows, sometimes with specific client campaigns in mind, always to assess new developments coming to market and how they best fit into client’s marketing strategies.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Promotional Products



The best promotional products are undoubtedly the ones that people can use every day. For the majority of businesses, paper products and pens are the most effective – they are attractive, used on a daily basis and relatively inexpensive.

Unless your budget allows for the purchase of really cool and high-tech products such as USB drives, power banks and Bluetooth speakers, go with pens, notepads and sticky notes – all extremely useful, portable and brandable.



Branded goods, whether inexpensive giveaways or higher value gifts - are a direct representation of your company. Ensure the impression you leave behind is quality and value, not cheapness.

You don’t need to invest in £30-£50 pens for every customer (although if you sell high-end products yourself, this could be a worthwhile strategy). If you select personalised goods that are also something your customer would want to use – they have a constant reminder of your brand.

Any product that falls apart or breaks down after a few uses will mean you will be remembered for the wrong reasons – don’t fall victim to false economy!



Ensure your brand, information and message is clear and concise. Consider your target audience when selecting your products. Buy for the clients you aspire to work with, not only the ones you have.


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